Downtown Arts Scene

A lot has been happening in Elgin. The arts/culture scene has shown some real promise lately. We have the Art & Soul art show entering its second year this summer in the downtown. Along with that, the Elgin Short Film Festival will be back this Fall after last year’s huge success. And Walkabout: Theater on your Feet will be entering its third year of production this year. Those are just a few examples of the diverse arts and culture events happening in downtown Elgin. These are exciting times.

It wasn’t always that way. For many years, the downtown struggled. Sure, there was the venerable Hemmens Theatre and Elgin Symphony Orchestra. But what was missing? Grassroots arts projects.

Over the years, Janus Theatre produced a variety of projects unique to the suburbs. The reason for this was simple: if you wanted to see a certain play or style of theater, you’d have to go into the city of Chicago. With this in mind, we’re planning on adding another wrinkle to the downtown scene.

Next month, we’ll be introducing the Elgin Short Play Festival: Theresa Rebeck, 1992-2005. This retrospective will feature some Rebecks’ most exciting short pieces. There will be more on this later. Keep checking back.

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