Start of a New Year

Last year Janus turned ten. To celebrate, we churned out five shows in three venues featuring over thirty actors. It was a good year. Over 1,300 people saw us perform Oedipus, Miss Julie, Romeo & Juliet, repete w/Madeline and a short piece in Walkabout. And considering the economy was in the tank, we made it through the year in one piece as a theater company. Not bad.

Last year was our unofficial “season of tragedy” with our promenade production of Oedipus Rex, the hyper-intimate Miss Julie, and an all-female production of Romeo & Juliet dominating the ballroom at the Elgin Art Showcase. Each show was unique, but the theme remained – life is hard. I don’t know how this last year came to pass, but it was extremely fulfilling to work on these classic plays. And the people who worked with us were phenomenal.

Last year also made it clear that Janus Theatre Company is planning on staying around another ten years. So with that in mind, 2011 will find us making some changes. We’ll be posting these changes on this site. In fact, we want to share with our fans what the experience of running a small, fringe style theatre in Chicago’s northwest suburbs is like – so stay tuned.

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