The Lineup (so far)

Okay, it took a little work. And the work is still not over. But I’m excited to announce the artists working on the first-annual Elgin Short Play Festival.

Here’s our current lineup:

Aaron Thomann (acting and directing) and Tony Aiello in What We’re Up Against.  You’ve seen Aaron and Tony square off in JTCs production of Oedipus Rex last year. Tony played the lead and Aaron was Creon. Great scene between those two. This should be good.

Cathleen Ann and Ross Frawley in The Actress and Catie Early, Elaine Castro and Elizabeth Isibue in Train to Brooklyn, both directed by Richard Pahl. All of these actors will making JTC debuts except for Catie Early, who was last seen in repeat w/Madeline directed by Richard Pahl.

Cheryl Rice in Josephina, directed by Rich Geiger. Both are making JTC debuts with a real ghostly piece of work.

Julie Riffle and Elizabeth Isibue in Walk, directed by Thom Thomas. A couple new actors with JTC and a returing director.

Lori Holm and Jim Pierce in Off Base and Tara Schuman and Joe Schuman in Kaite & Frank, both directed by Sean Hargadon. You’ve seen Lori recently in the all-female Romeo & Juliet and Jim Pierce in Brecht.

There’s still some more short plays in the works, with some new faces working with Janus and some past favorites coming back, but for now, that’s what we have running for certain.

And I don’t want to forget the production team of Kate Collins, Andy Murschel, Kelly Herz and Jimmy Lundstrom. This should be a nice size festival for our first time out. Rehearsals will start next week. More updates to come.


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