The Lineup (complete)

Piece by piece, it all fell into place. This is the world of suburban theater: if you choose to produce a project by a playwright nobody has heard of, better be prepared to make some phone calls and write some emails.

As tedious as that can be, sometimes it brings together the best people around. And for the Elgin Short Play Festival, we are going to have a room full of excellent actors – and directors.

The remainder of the lineup was recently finalized. Here’s what we got:

Marie Ann Nordby, who’s back with JTC after a long hiatus and Dan Radcliff, who last performed with us at the London Fringe Festival, are both in The Contract, directed by Thom Thomas, who was part Janus Theatre’s Director’s Showcase in 2002.

Steve Connell and Ross Frawley, two new faces to JTC will be in How do We Get to Where We’re Going, directed by Sarafina Vecchio, who blew away everyone who saw her Brecht production in 2008. I still can hear Steve Macarus saying that great line from Galileo.

And finally, Nancy Kolton (new to JTC) in Art Appreciation, directed by Terry Domschke, who just loved the play. “It’s exactly how I feel,” he told me on the phone.

That gives us 27 artists working on this project. That’s really exciting and sounds like a logistical nightmare. Well, we’ll see. No matter how it all falls out, this should be an excellent night of engaging acting. I’d say we’re pretty fortunate with this group of people.

Rehearsals start this week. And in three weeks, the shows will up and running at the Elgin Art Showcase. So much for sleep.


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