Love and Marriage (maybe)

They’ve been away for a while. But you’ve seen them before.

For the longest time he was on stage in many Janus Theatre productions, like a hockey player piling up the minutes.

Back in the early days, Joe Schuman was the workhorse. You’d have to be blind not see him in one of our shows. He was called the Everyman. Some said the Sexiest Man. In any case, he was the man who kept responding to the call.

Katie and Frank, starring Joe and Tara Schuman

At his side was another figure you would see backstage, moving between the curtains, telling people to “get the hell out there” or  “stop being such a baby and learn your lines.” Yes, she might have sounded tough, but those two incidents called for some decisive action. Usually, she was the balance to yours truly, and like the man mentioned earlier, this woman was another piece of glue that held Janus together for many years. 

Tara Schuman was more comfortable being the company Stage Manager, working behind the scenes, rather than in front of them. But on occasion, she was forced into action when an actor went down due to illness or some other strange event. 

Now, for the first time, they’re both together again after a long hiatus to share the stage  as husband and wife.  Not much of a stretch considering they’ve been married for years. But this is a little different. 

Kaitie and Frank is one of those short plays in the festival that brings things to a pitch quickly. This couple is having some issues with communication. She wants him to call his mother. He doesn’t listen. She keeps talking. He goes about his business. She buys a gun. It’s a comedy. Really. But Rebeck has infused this short story with an interesting edge. 

And I think with Joe and Tara matching up for the first time, it sounds more like the Stage Manager vs. The Actor. I wonder who would win that battle. We’ll see…

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