He Just Keeps Talking

I like to talk. Sometimes I say too much. In the past, this was always a problem. You could wind me up and I would let it rip. Didn’t matter the subject, I usually had something to say. And if it was theater, I could babble on and on.

In fact, years ago,  Janus co-founder Terry Domschke would be forced to stop me from talking, because I would speak so fast. Whether I was in a play, or at a party, Terry would get a kick out of commenting on my “one word sentences.” That’s because I would run every word together. What can I say, I was excited. I still am.

Well, now my babble has been officially documented. And you can hear it at the new podcast we created with our friends at CreatiVoice. In it, we discuss everything dealing with the Elgin Short Play Festival, Theresa Rebeck, Janus Theatre, and how the special effects in summer blockbuster movies have so much in common with the foul  language in David Mamet’s plays. (At least I think so.)

You see, I love talking about theater. The process of picking a show, casting it, rehearsing it, and then having it performed in front of a live audience is compelling to me.  And the great thing about producing theater for so many years is all the stories you can tell. The problem is that you forget what happened. That’s why I decided to start documenting our experiences. If nothing else, I can go back and hear our foolish I sound.

I’ve got to thank Gary Joy, who is an actor (he performed the part of the Shepard in Oedipus Rex last year) and founder of CreatiVoice for helping us out with this project. And many thanks to his wife, Susan, who kept the tech side running smoothly.

At the site, you can listen or download the podcast. You can also listen to the three-part series of the all-female Romeo & Juliet we produced in 2009. It features interviews with the cast and talks about the whole process, which was truly amazing.

Take a listen. Tell us what you think.

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