Time To Play

We’re ready.

That’s all I can say after last night’s final technical rehearsal. During the last few days, I have seen every play grow and grow. As is the custom of tech rehearsals, everyone tends to adjust to the space, notes are given, and the acting gets stronger as you close in on opening night.  And for us, tech rehearsals are not meant to be “Hell Week,” but rather, a week where we ease into the play, or in this case, short plays.

But what sticks in my mind are the fleeting moments that happen on stage. That’s all you can ever hope for when going to see a play. The art form is so ephemeral, that things come and go in an instant. Then they are lost forever. And every show has elements that will stay with you after the show ends.

For me, watching the chemistry between Aaron and Tony in What We’re Up Against is priceless. Seeing the power shift between Ann Marie and Elaine in The Contract is a treat. And watching Ross play off Cathleen in The Actress just breaks my heart.

Those are just a few moments.

These aren’t big “dramatic moments,” which some might call “Oscar moments,” but rather, they are actors listening to each other and reacting off each other and telling the story of the play honestly and truthfully. And that is the goal of every actor.

And when the audience arrives, the whole dynamic changes, because they are the last ingredient that makes this process all come together.   They are the extra character in the play. And every night will be different, because the audience is different. And that’s where the work of putting on theater gets real interesting, because nothing is static and the work keeps changing.

Tonight we open. Rehearsals are over. The audience is coming. Let the adventure begin. (Okay, that was a bit dramatic.)


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