We’ve Got Stories To Tell

This was a long week.

Working at the space. Getting things ready. Rehearsing the play. And then I heard it.

“Is this play depressing?”

I guess that depends on how you look at it. Sure, it’s not a comedy. But The Guys really surprised me when we starting working on it last month. The play is one part docudrama, another part buddy movie, and then there is the cathartic part, which I guess you could say is depressing, but I prefer to call it cleansing.

Jim Pierce in The Guys - photo by John Congram

It starts out with a Fire Captain coming to an Editor to get help to write  the eulogies for the men he’s lost from the 9/11 attacks. It starts off awkward and difficult, but as it progresses, the audience is given the chance to learn about the people who bravely sacrificed their lives that fateful day.

Our actors have been navigating the tricky waters that come with performing a play like this. At one moment your laughing about a former firefighter and his bad cooking and the next moment you realize he’s gone forever. It’s a real tough balance and the cast has been up to working through it.

This coming week will be longer than the last. At least it will feel that way. George Kokines newest art installation aptly titled “September 11” will be loaded in (more on that later) and technical rehearsals will officially begin. This is when the lights and sounds and the acting merge into one cohesive piece. Great fun for everyone even though it can be a slow tedious process.


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