Putting The Pieces Together

What an imposing site.

Yesterday we loaded in the art installation “September 11” by George Kokines. It’s a triptych featuring eight pieces ranging in size from 2×10 to 6×8 per piece. And thanks to the help from members of the local Elgin band The Reverends, John Dalton and Larry Sirridge, everything went smoothly. Of course, they had to take the biggest pieces up all eight flights of stairs using five people, but it was worth it in the end.

The artwork was incorporated into our set composition and it really adds something to the whole scene. “Awesome” was the word one of our actors said after seeing it.

The installation is going to be dedicated for the public at the Gail Borden Library on September 11. Having it be part of a stage production commemorating 9/11 was not the original idea, but it works.

During early rehearsals, we talked about the events on 9/11 being like an elephant in the room that the firefighter and the editor have to work through in order to write the eulogies. Now with the art installation part of our set that theme is illustrated nicely and in a very powerful way.

It will be interesting to see how this all comes together when we add lights, sound and live actors working around the pieces. It also provides the audience a chance to see the artwork in a different way from the usual gallery showing. As George said yesterday, and I agree with him, the artwork has now become another character in the play.


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