Every Ending Has A Start

People need to tell their stories.

That’s one of the lines from The Guys. I never get tired of hearing it. And with this production, there are many stories to tell. The play resonated with everyone I talked to and they all had a story to tell about that day.

Sean Hargadon (Director), Jim Pierce (Nick) and Lori Holm (Joan) in front of George Kokines' "St. Nicholas" made out of iron, plaster and wood

The last three days have truly been a memorable experience. Presenting this play in tandem with George Kokines’ artwork in early September created an event that was completely relevant and moving. We can’t thank enough all the people who attended the production, the people who worked to make it happen, and the artist and playwright who created the work.


But this ending has created a new beginning.

Next Saturday, September 11, Janus Theatre will present The Guys in a special free performance following the dedication of George Kokines’ art installation “September 11”. The play will be performed in one of the community rooms at approximately 11:00 a.m. It will be a raw performance with just the actors and the audience, so if you’re around next Saturday, please come out and see Lori Holm and Jim Pierce reprise their roles.

Another little humble beginning happened this weekend when Madeline Rose Hargadon (yes, she’s my 4 year old daughter) became our official “Program Girl” passing out programs at our Sunday performance with Erin Hargadon (yes, that’s my wife) who is due to give birth to another little Hargadon – Will – in October.

Box Office Mom (Erin) and Program Girl (Maddie)


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