Ride The Next Wave

Something different this way comes.

This Saturday night at the Haight Building in downtown Elgin, come and check out over 100 artists display their work in this old warehouse. This is a new event sponsored by the Downtown Neighborhood Association and the Palmer Foundation and theme for the show is “work”.

Janus Theatre will be a part of the event and will present some short pieces in a former loading dock area, which leads into the show. Here’s some more info about the piece and more about the salon.

ANK: Attempted Not Known
Whether in love or life at home or in the office, we’re all working our way out of the mystery box.

Directed by Terry Domschke
Sound Design by Jimmy Lundstrom
Featuring: Elaine Castro, Ross Frawley, Henry Honshul, Scott Mills, Jocelyn Mills, Jeanette Spink and Mitch Jacobs

The Next Wave Art Salon brings together artists of all different backgrounds and mediums in a “found space” at 166 Symphony Way in downtown Elgin. This free event is open to the public on Saturday, September 11 from 6-10pm.

The Art Salon is geared to attract artists of all genres, from visual to performance, with innovative approaches to their art form. This is a radically-inclusive event, so that means all work is permitted. Three $1000 prizes will be awarded.
For more information on The Next Wave Art Salon, visit thenextwave.me or call 847.488.1456.

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