At ‘The Haight’ Last Night

Downtown Elgin was the place to be last night.

In yet another example of “it takes a village,” the arts scene last night took a great leap forward. At the Haight Warehouse (sounds like hate), now affectionately known as “The Haight” there was an incredible mashup of performance art, music and over 100 artists featuring sculpture, painting, photography, installation, you name it.

It’s hard to describe the feelings associated with the event and its carnival atmosphere. But it was like being a kid again, feeling all kiddy, watching so many people traverse the 9,000 square foot space. It was an adventure reminicent of those times when you were child finding hidden family treasures in the attic or basement. Every corner revealed something new.

This was a project that needed to happen. And thanks to the Downtown Neighborhood Association, Palmer Foundation, and a slew of talented volunteers, it did. And let me count the ways.

It was Ginsberg’s “Howl”.
Whitman’s “Yalp”.
Camus’ “Yes”.
And Shakespeare’s “Undiscovered Country”.

Janus Theatre put on some short pieces by Harold Pinter and the whole evening was about adapting to the space, the audience, and the ambient sounds. The actors were fearless and full of energy. Tonight they’ll be moving to another room on the back of the building, to create a more intimate show.

Here’s some clips from last night’s performances and a slide show of the art, courtesy of BocaJump. If you can, please make it out tonight. The event is free and that includes the libations.


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