Fresh Faces – Walkabout 2011

Walkabout is back again this year.  Janus Theatre will be taking part and bringing on some new faces.

This year’s Walkabout is different because one play – “Art” by Yasmina Reza – will be devided into three acts and then three separate theater companies will perform one act of the play at different downtown Elgin locations, like Villa Verone, Elgin Art Showcase and Ravenheart Cafe.
But what’s interesting about all of this would is that the actors will change from venue to venue, so while the characters will stay the same – Marc, Serge , Yvan – they’ll be played by different people. To further add interest, we decided to have the actors grow younger as the play progressed forward until its climatic comic conclusion.
Janus Theatre will be performing the first act at Villa Verone and feature Chris Bibby, Steve Macarus, and Brian Rabinowitz. For many, this will be a chance to see some new people perform with Janus.
Chris Bibby (Yvan) will be making his Janus debut and performed in last year’s Walkabout. He’s done some acting work throughout the are and is also a playwright and had a stage-reading of his play – Broken Glass – performed at the Elgin Art Showcase back in April.
Brian Rabinowitz (Marc) worked with Janus during the Elgin Short Play Festival and has been performing and directing for years. He brings quite a bit of experience to the play and saw the original production in London when it was first performed.
Steve Marcarus (Serge) has been with Janus since 2003 and has been a regular with the company throughout many productions, including the Brecht Review, Murdering Marlowe, Santaland Diaries and the list goes on. 
We’ve been in rehearals for a few weeks and what these guys bring to the work are layers. Yes, the play is funny. But they bring some real life to the performances, which is really what makes the whole experience interesting.
More on that later.
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