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We’ve Moved!

Janus Theater has moved. You can now find us at



We’ll be holding a second round of auditions for our upcoming Austen in Elgin season on Saturday, February 25,  starting at 10:00 am at the Elgin Art Showcase, located on the 8th floor at 164 Division Street in downtown Elgin.

You can use mapquest for directions and the location. It is located 30 miles west of Chicago.

We’re looking to cast Pride & Prejudice, directed by Marge Uhlarik-Boller, and Sense & Sensibility, directed by Terry Domschke. Both plays are adapted from the original stories written by Jane Austen. The productions will begin rehearsals in May and run June 29-July 22.

We’re seeking men to play character and romantic leading men roles and mature women to fill out casting in both productions.

Appointments for auditions are by email only. Please contact us at to request an audition time. A headshot and resume is welcome but not required. We’ll be conducting readings from the script. There is pay.

Janus Theatre Opens Rep with “Earnest”

Well, one down and another to go.

We opened The Importance of Being Earnest on Thursday and everything went very well.  We had a nice size house and the actors did a fine job playing live for the first time in front of an audience.

The show will continue tonight and tomorrow and then take a week off for Twelfth Night to open. After that, both shows run in tandem on alternate nights, so stay tuned.

Here are some production photos from Earnest.

Dennis Edwards as Jack and Lucy Zukaitis as Gwendolen


Joceyln Adamski as Cecily with Edwards and Zukaitis


Corey Noble as Algernon, Jocelyn Adamski, Dennis Edwards, Lucy Zukaitis and Brian Rabinowitz as Lady Bracknell



At ‘The Haight’ Last Night

Downtown Elgin was the place to be last night.

In yet another example of “it takes a village,” the arts scene last night took a great leap forward. At the Haight Warehouse (sounds like hate), now affectionately known as “The Haight” there was an incredible mashup of performance art, music and over 100 artists featuring sculpture, painting, photography, installation, you name it.

It’s hard to describe the feelings associated with the event and its carnival atmosphere. But it was like being a kid again, feeling all kiddy, watching so many people traverse the 9,000 square foot space. It was an adventure reminicent of those times when you were child finding hidden family treasures in the attic or basement. Every corner revealed something new.

This was a project that needed to happen. And thanks to the Downtown Neighborhood Association, Palmer Foundation, and a slew of talented volunteers, it did. And let me count the ways.

It was Ginsberg’s “Howl”.
Whitman’s “Yalp”.
Camus’ “Yes”.
And Shakespeare’s “Undiscovered Country”.

Janus Theatre put on some short pieces by Harold Pinter and the whole evening was about adapting to the space, the audience, and the ambient sounds. The actors were fearless and full of energy. Tonight they’ll be moving to another room on the back of the building, to create a more intimate show.

Here’s some clips from last night’s performances and a slide show of the art, courtesy of BocaJump. If you can, please make it out tonight. The event is free and that includes the libations.

Every Ending Has A Start

People need to tell their stories.

That’s one of the lines from The Guys. I never get tired of hearing it. And with this production, there are many stories to tell. The play resonated with everyone I talked to and they all had a story to tell about that day.

Sean Hargadon (Director), Jim Pierce (Nick) and Lori Holm (Joan) in front of George Kokines' "St. Nicholas" made out of iron, plaster and wood

The last three days have truly been a memorable experience. Presenting this play in tandem with George Kokines’ artwork in early September created an event that was completely relevant and moving. We can’t thank enough all the people who attended the production, the people who worked to make it happen, and the artist and playwright who created the work.


But this ending has created a new beginning.

Next Saturday, September 11, Janus Theatre will present The Guys in a special free performance following the dedication of George Kokines’ art installation “September 11”. The play will be performed in one of the community rooms at approximately 11:00 a.m. It will be a raw performance with just the actors and the audience, so if you’re around next Saturday, please come out and see Lori Holm and Jim Pierce reprise their roles.

Another little humble beginning happened this weekend when Madeline Rose Hargadon (yes, she’s my 4 year old daughter) became our official “Program Girl” passing out programs at our Sunday performance with Erin Hargadon (yes, that’s my wife) who is due to give birth to another little Hargadon – Will – in October.

Box Office Mom (Erin) and Program Girl (Maddie)

Putting The Pieces Together

What an imposing site.

Yesterday we loaded in the art installation “September 11” by George Kokines. It’s a triptych featuring eight pieces ranging in size from 2×10 to 6×8 per piece. And thanks to the help from members of the local Elgin band The Reverends, John Dalton and Larry Sirridge, everything went smoothly. Of course, they had to take the biggest pieces up all eight flights of stairs using five people, but it was worth it in the end.

The artwork was incorporated into our set composition and it really adds something to the whole scene. “Awesome” was the word one of our actors said after seeing it.

The installation is going to be dedicated for the public at the Gail Borden Library on September 11. Having it be part of a stage production commemorating 9/11 was not the original idea, but it works.

During early rehearsals, we talked about the events on 9/11 being like an elephant in the room that the firefighter and the editor have to work through in order to write the eulogies. Now with the art installation part of our set that theme is illustrated nicely and in a very powerful way.

It will be interesting to see how this all comes together when we add lights, sound and live actors working around the pieces. It also provides the audience a chance to see the artwork in a different way from the usual gallery showing. As George said yesterday, and I agree with him, the artwork has now become another character in the play.

Shakespeare Auditions coming

We’ll be holding auditions for William Shakespeare’s Richard III on Saturday, September 4, from 1-4 p.m. at the Elgin Art Showcase, located on the 8th floor at 164 Division Street in downtown Elgin.

You can use mapquest for directions and the location. It is located 30 miles west of Chicago. 

We’re looking for men and women ranging in age from 20’s – 50’s. We are also looking for two young boys in their early to mid-teens. Note: The role of Richard is already cast.

Appointments for audition are by email only. Please contact Stage Manager Kate Collins at to request an audition slot. A headshot and resume is welcome but not required. We’ll be conducting readings from the script.

Performances for Richard III will be Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, October 29 – November 14 in downtown Elgin.