A brief history of the Professional Building:

In 1926, Dr. A. E. McCormack and the Ackman Brothers were touted as being “a group of farsighted business and professional men” for their decision to build The Professional Building.  The plan was to place retail stores on the first floor and reserve the balance of the 38,000 square feet for professional offices and civic organizations.


Originally, the plans for the eight-story Professional Building included 3 additional floors.  However, lack of tenant interest forced them to abandon that part of the plan.  “The tower wasn’t big enough for their club,” said William Stickling, one time owner of The Professional Building.  He went on to say, “for a Roaring Prohibition club, they needed a big place to throw parties and enormous bathtubs”. 

        – Postcards from the Past, a Brief History of Elgin


Completed in 1928, the Gothic Style Professional Building went through many transitions through the years as offices for doctors, lawyers, insurance agencies, and dentists. The eighth floor fell into disrepair and until recently was not suitable for tenants. With a complete rehabilitation of the eighth floor, the space will be run by the City of Elgin, and provide valuable space for local arts organizations, while creating another regional center in the northwest suburbs for entertainment and culture.


The Elgin Arts Showcase: Mission Statement

To establish an affordable public space for the visual and performing arts, specifically geared towards nurturing local not-for-profit arts groups and individual artist. We will develop quality arts education programs to foster aesthetic sensitivity, cultural awareness and a broader understanding of the creative process for the diverse population of Elgin.

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